Border Collies


Dally and her pups, Roper, Cinch and Beau are our Border Collies. Dally has been used to work cattle on cattle drives, has done agility and flyball competitions and has performed demos at local fairs. Roper and Cinch have worked cattle and are working on agility training, as well as have done a few demos. Beau came back home last fall and is starting to work cattle really well. We will continue to work cattle with him and do some agility training.


We lost Digger, our old faithful boy, Nov. 28th, 2013. We had ol’ Digs for 11 years. He was a wonderful dog that loved to work. Whether it was working cattle, doing agility shows, running flyball or just being a farm dog loving the kids, he enjoyed every minute of his days. We sure miss our ol boy!


Digger, Cinch, Dally, Roper